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Vegan Chocolate Fudge with Pink Salt

  • 3 April 2018
  • By Positive Me
Vegan Chocolate Fudge with Pink Salt

Well who else survived Easter – barely? I mean wow, this is such a fest at my home. Not only because of all those chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies, sugary eggs and all kinds of too-sweet to eat goods, but also because we have a few nice birthdays right around this time. Just my luck right, I finally lay off the chocolate and I’m faced with so much chocolate I don’t even know where to start eating. Plus, one of the birthday’s is my daughters so I had to celebrate. I decided to hold my head up high and come up with a crazy recipe to celebrate ánd respect my dietary wishes: Vegan Chocolate Fudge with Pink Salt!

Vegan salted chocolate fudge

OMG talk about a treat!

Alright I promise I won’t act like it’s some kind of superhealthy-you’ll-not-get-fat-if-you-eat-this kind of dish is, because you know that’s not true. I will however point out that it is dairy and glutenfree. Also no added sugar. And made with a lot of nuts (the good kind of fat) and lots of dates (carbs/fibers and yes of course sugar) oh and then there’s the case of a lot of chocolate (can’t really say anything to make that sound any better…) So no, it’s not superhealthy, but you should’ve seen what I made for the rest (that one had 800 gr chocolate in it) so this is a pretty nice alternative for the regular cake. That makes it kind of healthy. The fibers, the good fats, it’s quite okay in that aspect. Don’t eat the entire thing in one go, but one piece is fine. Alright maybe two. (I ate four pieces in one day…)

Vegan salted chocolate fudge Let’s make this beauty!

Ingredients Vegan Chocolate Fudge

300 gram mixed nuts

200 gram meejool dates

2 tbsp coconutoil

2 tbsp water

300 gram 85% chocola without diary and gluten (you can use any chocolate you like but beware that they be dairy and glutenfree)

Pinch of Pink Himalaya Salt

Vegan salted chocolate fudg

How to do it

Put the nuts in the small bowl of your food processor and chop them up as finely as you can (might take up to three minutes) Add the dates and the coconutoil and bled again. If you see the food processor stop or struggle, start adding the water. Little by little until you see the mass moving again and it’s starting to get smooth. Add as little water as you can. Blend until a smooth pasta appears.

Melt the chocolate in a glass bowl over a pan with a bit of water (don’t let the water touch the glass) on the stove.

Put the nutpasta in a bowl and pour the chocolate on top, gently mix together. Your fudge is now soft and supple. Spread it on a piece of baking paper in a nice baking tin. Pinch some (to taste) pink Himalaya salt on top and gently press into the fudge.

Put the fugde in the fridge until it’s hard. Cut into little pieces.

Serve the pieces cold, the warmer to smoother it will be.


(TIP: if you made a lot and don’t want to risk eating all, put the pieces in the freezer for other birthdays or cravings!)

Vegan salted chocolate fudge

By Positive Me, 3 April 2018 Positive Me. Over yoga, good food, body en mind. For a positive You!
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